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Essential Camping Cooking Supplies

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If you're planning a camping trip to a remote location, one of the most important factors to consider is food. After you've set up camp far from civilization, you most likely won't want to leave to leave the site for meals. 

When you're on a camping trip for more than a few days, you'll probably crave a hot meal at least once daily, so consider packing a few cooking supplies. Camping cooking supplies are typically lightweight and easy to pack, so you won't have to worry about them weighing you down  during hikes or while boating. 

Leave your kitchen cookware at home, as it will be too bulky and heavy to take along on an outdoor excursion. Even if you're on a tight camping budget, you may be able to find some good deals on outdoor cooking supplies, especially if you look online.

Here are some essential camping cooking supplies to add to your shopping list:

1. Over-the-Fire Grill

If you'll be camping in an RV and have the space for larger supplies, you may want to purchase a gas grill. But if you're tent camping and hauling all of your supplies on your back, an over-the-fire-grill is the way to go.

When you start your evening fire at your campsite, you can place the small grill directly over the flames for perfectly roasted fish, meat, vegetables, or anything else you're preparing. You can also boil water for coffee by placing a kettle or pot on top of the grill. 

Look for a grill that's made of durable steel, and that can be used over propane, wood or charcoal. 

2. Cookware

A campfire coffee pot will allow you to begin your mornings with your usual cup of coffee or hot tea while out on the trail. Generally constructed of lightweight-yet-strong stainless steel, you can either place the pot in your backpack or tie it onto the straps via the handle.

The pots are available in everything from 14-to-36-cup sizes, depending on your needs. 

Another essential piece of camping cookware is a cast-iron dutch oven. While they're not particularly lightweight, they will allow you to cook hot meals, such as stews, soups and oatmeal, directly over your campfire. You can either place it on top of a grill or hang it over the flames using a tripod. 

3. Dining Set

After you're prepared your hot meals, serve them on compact aluminum plates or in bowls, which are available in matching sets. The items stack and nest easily for convenient packing.