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How To Help Prepare Your Child For His First Summer Camp Experience

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In order to make sure that your child is as prepared as possible, you will want to make use of as much advice as you can. Start with the following advice so you can ensure that this is an experience that will be positive for everyone.

Pack Clothes You Won't Miss

Don't make the mistake of going out to spend a ton of money on brand new clothes for camp. After all, the majority of these clothes are going to come home stained, possibly ripped, or at least really smelly. Some of the articles of clothing might not make it back home at all, as they will find their way to the lost and found bin because they were left behind somewhere. Look through the dresser of your child and pull out the clothes that you know won't fit well in a few months, since they will soon be permanently removed from the wardrobe collection anyways.

Find A Local Kid Who Is Going To The Same Camp

It would be ideal if you can find a child who is not only going to the same camp this year, but who has been there in the past. This way, your child can connect with him or her in order to learn more about what can be expected. Even if that child will also be new to camp, your child will at least have someone there that they already know, which can make it a much easier experience.

Remember To Go Over The Camp Rules

The camp counselor will go over the rules of the camp with all of the children and this is usually done on the first day. However, many kids find themselves to be overly excited, scared, or otherwise distracted that listening to all of the rules being talked about can be difficult. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are sitting down with your child to discuss the camp rules, which you should be able to find on the camp website. If not, the camp director might be able to email you a list of the rules if you call and ask for the list

If you need additional assistance, you might want to consider speaking directly to the director of the camp. He or she may be able to give you the additional help you need in order to properly prepare your child for camp. For more information, contact companies like Camp Walt Whitman.